Sunday, July 26, 2015

I'm good at this

Sometimes a week goes by without any major problems and I think "Man! I'm good at this!" That was this week. Granted Gwenny was a special sort of darling, so that helps. She is usually kind, loving, playful anyway, but this week she hardly got upset at all. I think one of the tricks is that I'm learning to give her a heads up. I let her know 10 more minutes, then 5, then 1, or that after we do this, we'll have quiet time, and it's making life really nice.

Every time I come up for air I just think, "This is so much fun!" I love love love these little people! Gwen runs through the house after a ball with, "I got it!" Now maybe that means Jeff doesn't get that nap I wanted for him, but we're managing. Beckett sleeps more and more and it's just wonderful.

This week she started saying, "Uhhh, Daddy?" and "Uhhh, Mommy?" and "You can do it!" "Good job, Mommy!" But we haven't heard "A-go-ah ________" in a while, and we miss it. But now there is Fight Song!!! She loves it and can recognize it in the car even when I'm flipping through stations fast. She can match the intensity changes and sings the last word of each phrase. The last "explosion" is the cutest!!

I love when I vacuum and she walks across it and I can see her little footprints. And when she follows me around with her Minnie vacuum. She can put her pink sandals on all by herself, too. 

Beckett is smiling and laughing so much! I love him more and more every day. He's just so cute!!

Jeff has a Young Men's campout coming up, so we'll see how 60 hours straight by myself goes.... But then I get to go to a Relief Society retreat, so we'll be even ;)

If I can get me a nice Safety Suit/One Republic/Keane/Imagine Dragons run in, I'll be fine.

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